Beta Psi

Beta Psi's installation festivities began on December 6, 1941 and continued on December 7, where during the happy occasion, the news that Pearl Harbor had been bombed spread and our country was at war. Beta Psi set out to build a solid foundation for the future in time of uncertainty. The chapter occupied several homes, even living in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house while the fraternity members were at war. In 1950, they moved into their new home on Rose Street. The chapter has always stressed scholarship and had a 16-semester run earning highest GPA in the late 1990s. They support the Lexington Ronald McDonald House. Carol Dorton Asher and Laurel Raimondo served as Executive Directors. Sarah Sumner Hempel served many years on the local and international levels. Carrie Hughes Hancock, Beta Omega - Auburn, was a long-serving advisor. They won Golden Lion in 2005.