Alpha Chi

The "Merry Maids" was a small social club founded in 1920. Desiring a more dignified name, Iota Kappa was selected. Meanwhile, six Alpha Delta Pi members from six different states and chapters had banded together at UCLA. These women and Iota Kappa formed the nucleus of Alpha Chi chapter when it was installed in 1935. In 1930 the chapter built the first sorority house on UCLA's new Westwood Hills campus, a lovely white two-story home on a hill designed by the husband of Alpha Chi Frances Shepherd Strawn. The subsequent purchase of an adjoining lot gave Alpha Chi the most spacious grounds on the Row. In the 1940s before a new wing was added, local girls living close to UCLA were not eligible to live in the house (they were called "town girls"), and for Monday night dinners which they attended, the tables extended from the dining room into the entry hall. Former International Officer Betty Scott Schiller, Psi - UC at Berkeley, was a long-time advisor to Alpha Chi. Grand Council members include Mary Bull Mason and Sheila Kelly Cameron. Amy Woodward Malysz and Nicole Opas have long records of service. Other long-serving alumnae include Betty Phillips Barr, Diane Rebrovich Mayer, Lauren Kravetz, Nicole Opas, Jeannine Brown LeBeau, Jane Post Henry, Beta Omega - Auburn and Elaine Dickes Thomas, Psi - UC at Berkeley. The chapter received the Golden Lion Award in 1985, 1989 and 1991.