Alpha Epsilon

Founded by a group of high school girls in 1910, the Owasco Club began admitting university women in 1912. Although inactive for a year, the Owasco Club resumed in 1914, and in 1915, nine members were initiated as Alpha Epsilon chapter. During the Depression thee chapter was closed, but due to the efforts of many active alumnae, the chapter rechartered in 1963 with 32 collegiate members and six honorary initiates. One of those active alumnae was Inez Coppom, a life-long volunteer for the sorority in local, state and international capacities. Mildred Othmer Peterson served as Adelphean Editor in the late 1930s and was named Alumna of the Year in 1955. Sherry Foster Schaefer, Phi - Hanover, served as an advisor for many years. The chapter is active in their support of the Ronald McDonald Houses and a room at the Omaha house bears their name.