Alpha Nu

The first sorority at the University of New Mexico came on campus in 1911. A local sorority, Kappa Delta Nu, was organized in 1916 with the intent to petition Alpha Delta Pi. Province President Marian Underwood installed the group in 1920. Alpha Nu moved from place to place on campus, but in 1932 the chapter moved to their long-time home, a modified Pueblo-style house. In 1975, a larger house was acquired and the chapter was recolonized. However, rush numbers were low and the chapter closed in 1982. Alumna Francine Irving Neff served as United States Treasurer from 1974 to 1977 and was the first woman appointed to Hershey Food Corporation Board of Directors. She was Alumna of the Year in 1975 while Lena C. Clauve claimed that honor in 1967. Louise Holland Coe was the first woman state senator in New Mexico. Long-serving advisors include Ruth Brock Goldsworthy and Pat Trainor, Delta Xi - Kansas State College at Pittsburg.