Alpha Omega

In 1919, at the then Oregon Agricultural College, the dormitories became too crowded and Loma and Martha Williamson decided to organize a club and they invited Gladys Horning and Bernice Lane to meet with them to discuss the plans. Joined by eight other friends, the group became Xi Beta and in 1921 was recognized as a local sorority. They petitioned Alpha Delta Pi and were installed in 1926. The chapter had many conversations about building a chapter house and experienced many delays that began in the Depression and included extensive restrictions. However, with the help of National Building Director Eleanor Abrott Harris, the chapter moved into their first house in the fall of 1938. The house had been the home of Jean Hetherington Meier, Psi - Berkeley and Alpha Omega, who helped colonize several chapters and went on to a life in the movies with the screen name Jean Heather, co-starring with Bing Crosby in "Going My Way." The house also was the site of the wedding for a sister from Alpha Lambda chapter when her house burned one week before the wedding. Alumna initiate Polly Skaalure Robertson developed the Diamond 4-Point Awards, created the block rotation system for rush and funded a volunteer program. Carroll Nelson Grush Newcomb served as an advisor and international officer for many years as did Kirsten Miller Hollenbeck. The chapter closed in 1996.