Alpha Omicron

Originally founded as the local D. & M. Club in 1918, Alpha Omicron was installed in 1921 at what was then Oklahoma A&M College. As a result of the Depression, the chapter was closed from 1936 to 1939. Always a resident chapter, the chapter moved to 1309 W. University Avenue in 1955. The chapter received the Golden Lion Award in 1977. For their 75th anniversary in 1996, a Foundation scholarship was established and the university was presented with a granite bench that sits at the campus entrance. A collegian in the early 1930s, Edith Ricks Lindley became the first woman to receive a doctoral degree at the institution in 1948. Each year a member who best exemplifies the spirit of sisterhood is awarded the Karen Taggert Shaw Award in memory of a young alumna who was killed in a bicycle accident in the early 1970s. Advisors with long records of service include Janet Jones Peterson and Nancy Atkinson Slusher, both Alpha Eta - Kansas State; Clara Lois Terpening LeCrone, Betty Nuckolls Barnes, Dorothy Lafferty Friend, Kay Weidenmaier Smith, Melissa Vanatta Hamby and Marilyn Benson King who also served as Convention pianist during the 1990s. Another chapter advisor and an international officer, Shirley Welch Hastings, designed the historic exhibits for the 150th Convention. Other long-serving international officers include Catharine Benson Kingsley, Betty Rose Gregory, T. May Scott Soule, Connie Staff Stiegler and Arlene Hamm Manthey. Ettamae Branson Reed Neal served on Grand Council in the 1950s and was Alumna of the Year in 1963. Linda Welch Ablard was Adelphean Editor for 21 years, served on the 150th Committee and authored Sisters and More Sisters. She was elected International Secretary in 2001. Paula Kendrick succeeded Linda as secretary and later served as International Vice President of Alumnae Membership. Sydnee Jack followed Paula as secretary and later served as Executive Director.