Delta Kappa

In 1957, local sorority Pyrose was formed at Penn State. The group petitioned Alpha Delta Pi, and Delta Kappa chapter was installed in 1958. The chapter closed in 1976 due to low numbers and an unsettled Panhellenic situation. The chapter was recolonized and was reinstalled in 1992. The new charter group had 117 initiates, the largest initiation in Alpha Delta Pi history at the time. The addition of Delta Kappa raised the number of NPC groups to 21 along with 56 national fraternities, making up one of the largest Greek systems in the country. Delta Kappa annually participates in Greek Sing and campus activities. Kathi Atwater Keesing, Gamma Pi - Wagner, served as an advisor for many years. Other long-serving alumnae include Barbara Kinter Kunkel who served as District IV Team Director and Deborah Anderson Metzel who was a Province Director. The chapter moved into a newly renovated suite in South Hall in the late 2000s.