Delta Sigma

In 1960, national officers visited Ole Miss to explore the possibility of establishing a chapter. In 1961, Delta Sigma became our first chapter in Mississippi with 27 charter initiates. However, the chapter found it difficult to complete with the other well-established NPC groups that had been on campus for more than 50 years. A Convention Page at the 1965 Convention, future Grand President Beth Gentry Mannle was asked by Grand Council to change her plans and attend graduate school at Ole Miss so she could serve as a resident counselor. Membership numbers increased and the international organization fulfilled their promise of building a new home for the chapter. In 1970, Delta Sigma moved into one of the few contemporary houses on campus where most others were of an "Old South" architectural style. The Alpha Delta Pi house was striking with its brick structure and two-story glass windows, but was never considered to "fit" the campus style. The chapter had a period of growth, producing many leaders including former Grand Council member Lil McKinnon-Hicks and District V Team Director Stacy DeMartini Burton. The chapter closed in 1995. The chapter was re-established on February 15, 2014.