Tau members requested their installation date to commemorate the founding of the Adelphean Society on May 15, 1851. The request was granted and the chapter was installed on May 15, 1912 with 11 charter members, all of whom were active in the Red Cross. Sometime between 1913 and 1919, Tau members wrote the words to "I Love the Pin," using the tune from "I Love You Best Of All." In anticipation of Alpha Delta Pi's 100th anniversary in 1951, a member of Tau was president of every major woman's organization on campus. The chapter house, located at 1600 Oxford Road, has a capacity of about 90 women. Tau sponsors a playroom at the Ronald McDonald House in Topeka. Grand Council members include Isabel Bandy Jochems, Janet Strong Shipman, Ann Johnson Havenhill and Vicki Mathews Lilly, who also was Foundation president. Initiated in 1917, Iris Russell Sellers held her wedding in the chapter house and worked her entire life with the chapter. She served as a Province President for many years as did Elizabeth Kemp Houghton and Nancy Lawrence Sheppard. Ruth Worley Mitchell and Lynda White Hocking served for many years. Sarah Dickey Goodburn and Ann White Young, District II Team Director, also have long records of international service. Annette Havenhill Dix, is a long-serving advisor for Alpha Eta at Kansas State. Tau has won the Golden Lion Award six times.