The Washington State College newspaper, The Evergreen, carried that news - "Local Theta Kappa becomes Upsilon chapter of Alpha Delta Phi." Installation occurred October 5, 1912, making Upsilon the second national sorority on campus. Members reside in a large house and are proud of their grand piano - it was the first grand piano on campus and was paid for as members gave up butter rations during World War I for its purchase. For some time, the music school held recitals at the house. The house also contains two "Pi Lights," which are fixtures in the shape of the badge with lights around the edges. Upsilon uses the lights during chapter meetings and other appropriate ceremonies. Upsilon has a tradition of winning awards for its scholarship program. Frederica Kershaw Garber's music was chosen as Alpha Delta Pi's National Song at the 1923 Convention. Verona Hull served on Grand Council and Lora McAuley Loftis was a long serving international officer. Gretchen Collins Campbell has a long record of local and international service. Texas Robinson has served as an advisor for many years.