Ohio University's Dean of Women selected 12 young women to become members of the Cryterian Club, which organized with the intent to petition Alpha Delta Pi. The group was installed as Xi chapter in 1914. They were actually installed after Omega chapter and received the "Xi" name because the Council had simply failed to assign the "Xi" name after Nu - in other words, they had skipped from Nu to Omicron according to the English alphabet rather than the Greek alphabet. When they discovered the oversight, they assigned the Xi name as soon as possible. Xi's eight charter members held high profile positions in almost every campus organization which women could join. In the early years, sororities did not have houses, but rented a room in Cutler Hall. Then in 1927, the ban against sorority houses was lifted and Xi occupied several homes before settling at 101 South Court Street in 1946. The house is an Athens Historical Landmark. In the 1920s, the Glee Club, a prestigious group of 35 members, included 11 members of Xi, and the first female percussion member of the Marching 110 - Ohio University's band - was also from Xi. By collecting the most canned food for a local food bank, a member held the Homecoming Queen position for 14 years. Olive Cameron Murch served on Grand Council. Harriet Carlson, Alpha Sigma - Ohio Wesleyan, and Judy Luttrell Harmon served on the House Corporation board for many years. Sandy McDonald Davis and Bonnie Neff Pennington have long service records.