Zeta Beta

North Carolina State's first NPC sorority was founded in 1960, and the local Alpha Tau was formed in 1968. In 1970, when the university decided that the local should become national, eight NPC groups were considered and Alpha Delta Pi was chosen. The local was pledged by Province President June Tweed Shore, Beta Iota - Queens. Zeta Beta has an impressive record which includes winning the Golden Lion Award five times. Maggie Yates Glass had a long record for service as an international officer as did her twin sister, Susan Yates Gressel. Debbie Dunne Brennan, Omega - LSU, served for many years as an advisor before becoming a Province Director. Mary Meadows Taylor, Delta Omicron - East Carolina, Carol Holt Hooks, Beta Upsilon - UNC at Chapel Hill and Sharon Black McKinney were long-serving advisors.