Epsilon Epsilon

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, February 16, 1966

Epsilon Epsilon was colonized in the fall of 1965 by five collegiate members of Texas chapters. They were Donese Mayfield Jones, Alpha Zeta - SMU; Cindy Schlecte Swannack and Roberta "Berta" Craddock Grau, both of Zeta - Southwestern and Faye "Elaine" Combs Brown and Celia "Beth" Waters Black, both Delta Beta - Lamar. The chapter was installed as the 13th NPC group on campus and the 13th chapter in the State of Texas at that time. As was the custom at Tech, a "store-front" lodge in a business area was secured shortly after colonization and the chapter met there until a historic home was secured in the early 1970s. In the late '70s, a 7,200 square foot lodge was built on the new Greek Circle. The chapter supports the nearby Lubbock Ronald McDonald House. Nita Baker Nunn Arwine, Delta - Texas, was instrumental in bringing the chapter to campus and was involved with them throughout her life. Other long-serving alumnae include Josephine "Jo" Parks Templer, Nu - Randolph-Macon; Carol Sweny Kyle, Delta Lambda - West Texas; Jan Hood Broome, Lou-Pat Camp Turner and Carolyn Watt. Alumnae with long records of local and international service include Billie Mullins Roark, Karen Helmke Rogers, Tiana Hayslip and Kathy Nolan Wiesner.